Exclusive Juliark Interview: ‘From Something Damaged to Something New’


Multiple nominations, six Oscar wins and the lasting influence on the memory of the American public can attest to the legendary status of the collaborations between Dolce Larson and Travis Armstrong, whose electrifying on-set romance has translated into global box office success. Launching his film debut in Missing Crows and making the smooth transition between child star and teen heartthrob, Julian Larson looked set to enjoy a stable career in the shadow of his parents’ fame – but Julian hasn’t been resting on his laurels since filming wrapped up for the hit TV drama, Something Damaged. In fact, with his most recent performance in the highly-anticipated blockbuster, Prince of Talormen, critics speculate Julian Larson’s star may well eclipse that of his parents.

As with any Coulter production, rumours have surrounded Prince of Talormen for months, and coy responses from the notoriously close-mouthed director have done nothing but fan the flames. A leaked cast listing confirmed Julian would be appearing in the film alongside his friend and one-time colleague, Haven frontman, Clark Sawyer. With five multiplatinum albums between them (despite Julian’s modest insistence that he isn’t a ‘real’ musician), and Clark being awarded this year’s Most Promising Male Newcomer, the two men are living proof that while attempts at crossing industries are largely cringe-inspiring, there are some talented musicians out there who can act, and some actors who can do more than carry a tune.

We caught up with the duo, affectionately dubbed ‘Juliark’ by their fans, at the Prince of Talormen premiere.

How does it feel to be working with each other again after all this time?

Clark: It hasn’t been that long, has it?

Julian: It doesn’t feel like it since we try to see each other whenever we’re in the same city.

Clark: Yeah, it’s tough with our schedules. He’ll be in L.A. for a couple of days and I’ll be flying in from some interview–

Julian: …

Clark: Wow, the readers are going to hate us, aren’t they? [Laughs] Look at us, complaining about seeing the world!

How would you describe the film?

Julian: It sounds like a throwaway line, but it’s [one of] those movies you have to see for yourselves. I mean, speaking broadly it’s about the downfall of the Talormen empire, but at the heart of it I think it’s about a Prince who falls in love with the wrong person.

Clark: Or the right person, depending on how you look at it.

Speaking of the Prince…

Julian: Ahh. A lot of people were surprised by that one. I know some people were disappointed that I didn’t get to be the Prince.

Clark: Disappointed? There was a petition! They wanted to have me relocated to a very small island somewhere.

Julian: …I have very loyal fans.

Clark: Well, they won’t be disappointed. Julian [plays] a very beautiful aristocrat.


Julian: Beautiful?

Clark: You don’t think so?

What can you tell us about Julian’s character?

Julian: He’s… very proud. Secretive. He comes across as highly strung at times because he’s been born into a position of privilege and everyone’s looking at him, waiting for him to slip up. But you see his softer side as it all develops.


Are there any twists in store for the viewers?  

Clark: Of course. What’s a movie without a good twist?


Prince of Talormen is now showing in cinemas. 

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